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Why all this success propaganda is wrong

You can read so many articles on Medium about how to succeed that you would be left with no time to do any damn thing. But the premise which forms the basis for these articles is a failure from the start to the end. The idea that you have to fight in order to succeed is being spread by people who think they have to fight or love to fight.

As great thinker Alan Watts points out

“Success is the biggest failure.”  — Alan Watts.


How truth brings well-being

W e use it all the time. Whatever task or activity we are engaged with, we analyze things in accordance with the facts that we know about the way the world works. To get to work, one thinks about the shortest route, the least dangerous one, the way traffic works, etc. When we make a decision regarding engaging in any kind of activity, we have a moment of sincerity with ourselves whether we are capable enough, talented enough, skillful enough, etc., in order to achieve a positive outcome.

No one wants to look like a fool failing to do something which he is not prepared for.